Project Description
Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Process Framework for Extreme Programming. This project was originally called MSF4XP and extends the modifications to the MSF Agile Process Framework suggested in the book 'Visual Studio Team System - Better Software Development for Agile Teams' (Stott/Newkirk, Addison-Wesley, 2007).

Further information about XP for Team System is available from the book's companion website:


Latest News - 26th June 2007

  • This site has been renamed from MSF4XP in order to conform with Microsoft's naming suggestions for Team System Frameworks.
  • The initial version of this project (v0.2) has been published. It just implements the changes to the MSF for Agile Software Development v.4.0 process template suggested in Chapter 6 of our book. That is to say, it removes some of the setup tasks that an XP project will probably not want to undertake and changes the Work Item Type name Scenario to Story.

Future enhancements:

Support for Extreme Programming in the following areas:
  • SharePoint site
  • Report site
  • Process Guidance

Please get in touch with Will Stott if you want to help develop this template

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